You can choose your race now then

Like you can choose your gender

Make your mind up Noah, is it now or then?


Now then, now then, now then…


Look mate, if you want to be useful with that tape measure I need to work out how big my cupboard is.

Considering this is four months old, is it now or then?

This thread is going well.

Are you ok, theo?

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Just like Jamiroquai predicted.


She’s got a book out and was on TV this morning. Had no idea who she was until now



Also, you reply to HYG stealing my joke? This is an outrage!

I’m staying out of this one…


would you mind blurring this one out?


i’ll take the 100m


TBH I assumed this thread was a write off from the start. That woman needs to disappear.

Wait, I thought your “joke” was just referring to the “now then” in the thread title, I didn’t think it was alluding to the outdated video he posted.

cheers, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

also agreed. There’s a discussion to be had but I don’t know if we’re all equipped to handle it anyway