You can choose your race now then

He’s thinking of Time Lords.

That’s her argument btw

I do not accept this FAKE NEWS reinterpretation of events. You wouldn’t have said ‘is it now or then’ except for the thread title, which is the whole point of my joke too. :smiley:

Yeah, I mean at the time when this happened while you were locked in your stasis-chamber, there was a whole heap of people defending her by trying to parallel transgender with this notion ‘transracial’ or something. It wasn’t a good look :slight_smile:

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*taps microphone*


This confuses me so much. Being Korean is more than just having Korean eyes or brow… Like how does a person look English or American… :confused:
Is this too far? or am I being ignorant? Like if they want to have surgery thats fine… but this transracial thing is just :man_shrugging:

@moderators - not a thread to be proud of. Can you burn it pls?