You can go home from work now IF (back to work edition)

You have to listen to your least favourite colleague telling you about what they got for Christmas, what they ate on Christmas Day, and what they did on New Year’s Eve.

  • I am genuinely interested in their life
  • Not worth it. Even today.

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Of course and I HATE* the people I work with

*not really

They’re not going to leave out any detail. You’re going to learn how many sprouts they had AND how many Fosters they drank on NYE.

Still sounds better than work


That’s cool.

How many sprouts did you have? I think I had four; bloody big ones too!

They’ll be standing a little bit too close to you while they do it.

that’s basically already happened to me anyway (thankfully my actual least favourite colleague left over xmas)

can i go now?

The idea of going home now is extraordinarily stressful.

Sure, but only after you correctly guess the value of John Lewis gift vouchers I got for Christmas.


No idea, it wasn’t written on them.

I won’t forget this, epimer

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pretty sure I could just go home anyway today and no one would notice/ care


im wfh and my least favourite colleague has already told me. can i just switch my laptop off now?

My breath is probably worse than theirs. Bring it on.

voted not worth it even though i’m literally sat at home on my tod

I kinda despise the Xmas spirit for different reasons specially the work ones, the anticipation and getting into grips with it aren’t always my good friends, go figure!