You can go home from work now IF (cake edition)

reluctantly crouched at the starting line

The office manager publishes a league table of net contributors and net detractors from the communal cakes/sweets/treats supply.

  • I’ve got nothing to hide/don’t give a fuck
  • Oh god, my secret shame

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As a wfh freelancer I’m one-for-one on cakes in and out, simultaneously the most philanthropic and history’s greatest cake monster.


Am I the only one who indiscriminately shovels any and all office cake into their face, while begrudgingly bringing in boiled sweets from the airport after a holiday?


We don’t have office cake other than the three birthdays we share amongst us.

Thanks for your time.

In my last job I made a name for myself by bringing in lots of homemade cakes for the first six months and that carried me through the next few years of doing very little. Towards the end id just take in a pile of pineapple cakes every item I went to Scotland.

I’m the worst when it comes to the work cakes. If it’s first thing in the morning and I’m in a bad mood you better believe I’m taking a fistful of flapjacks. Someone else might want a flapjack, sure, but they should have been faster shouldn’t they? It’s a dog eat dog world out there. Or, more accurately, a horse eat flapjack world.



went with the 1st option, then had a good hard look at myself and realised I needed to change my answer

Worse still - I quite enjoy baking. Every now and again I make a cake ‘for work.’ Not one has made it out the front door.

I don’t even feel guilty anymore. I’m an amoral cake fiend and I feel alright.




I can’t eat any of the cakes/sweets/biscuits that are provided so I don’t ever take anything.

If I bring anything in that’s vegan, it won’t get eaten so I don’t bother.

I’m in my own bubble at work and tbh I don’t give a fuck

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I’m already at home

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I’m not suggesting you bother doing this with your workmates but this just reminded me of my friend who always brings vegan tiffin to parties with him and it gets DEVOURED. It’s incredible. Your workmates are fools, I’m sure the stuff you bring in is great.

I made this tart vegan once and it went down so well.

But then I bought stuff back from holiday once and someone made a real point of making sure everyone knew how disgusting it was so fuck 'em basically.

It works in my favour though cause I don’t mindlessly eat junk any more so i’m now slimmer :+1:

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My vote was firmly in the don’t give a fuck category.

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I’m at home already. Our department’s productivity is so high, we’re getting let out early until they can grab more work back from outside companies that are subcontracted to take the work we can’t handle. Shame they can’t just have us do four days for five days pay rather than just send us home an hour early every day but I’m not complaining.