You can go home from work now IF (Celebrity edition)

You have to have a pint with Piers Morgan on the way home. No downing it in one, either, you have to stick around for a bit.

  • Nah
  • I thought there was supposed to be an option with a downside?

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I’m at home/not working but I’d rather go into work than have a pint with Piers

aye fine, i’ll just tell him what a cunt he is for half an hour

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He told me he was thinking the same about you.

Can i stick around for a bit and then throw the pint in his face?

Would Sir Alan pop in to say hi?


Am I allowed to invite others, so we can all just sit around calling him a cunt for hours?

That’s no way to behave in a Wetherspoons, eric.

First version of Vodafone advert ran into some trouble with the censors.

Ultimately stayed on air.

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spill the pint all over him, then glass him.