You can go home from work now IF... (downtime edition)

You got as much work done while DiS was down than you’d normally get through over the whole day.

  • Cool, smell ya later
  • No, unfortunately I must continue smelling you now.

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jokes on you I’ve just been talking to other people irl instead. Everyone’s better off if I can just put words on the internet.

Normally I do MORE work when I’m on DiS as having a browse is a little treat every time I do a tedious bit of work.

However today everything is mental and on fire so I’ve had to do work anyway. Still found time to piss around on snapchat and whatsapp though obvs

i played a lot of ffvii if that counts

Afraid I don’t understand your poll questions my good Epper

Must do, can’t imagine anyone playing that for fun.



The smell essential cranks up the… going home from work now.

is just now classified as uptime

Lol I didn’t do shit


Not much pal, what’s up with you?

Doesn’t work.