You can go home from work now IF... (extremely topical edition)

At any point on your way home that would normally involve walking - including getting from wherever you are now to outside of the building - you have to do the Gangnam Style dance instead.

  • Yes
  • WHAT YEAR IS IT (no)

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What if it was some Fortnite dance instead?

  • I don’t know what those are because I’m more than 14 years old
  • I do know what those are but I don’t have a job because I’m 14 years old

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@anon5266188 has voted no in the first poll because

  • He is ideologically opposed to dancing of all kinds
  • He doesn’t want to go home yet because he enjoys his job
  • He’s sprained his ankle
  • Bad Tone only does the John Travolta dance from Pulp Fiction

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Am I allowed to vote in this?

It’s a free country.

Would you like me to vote in this poll?

I haven’t really thought about it, if I’m honest.

Okay, just let me know once you’ve settled on your stance and I’ll vote or not vote accordingly. Thanks.

It’s quite busy here today, it probably won’t be until Monday at this point.

Would you like Tone to vote in that poll

  • Yes
  • No
  • None of the above

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That’s fine.

Does either of these answers actually answer the question?

  • Epimer makes some great posts sometimes
  • Gee, I’m glad it’s Friday!

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The walk from my desk to the bike store is pretty secluded. I might bump into Jeremy from business support but I should be okay. Failing that, I’m sure the punters at the Old Ticket Office wouldn’t bat an eyelid if I horse-danced past them.

Ah, but would you not be a bit worried that they’ll recognise you when Fenino inevitably ends up there before the last train?

I’ll just pop into Chill #02 using @sadpunk’s swipe card. It’ll be fine.


do i have to walk / gangnam dance the whole way like i was originally planning or can i get a taxi now instead?

would seriously cut down my amount of gangnamming and would probably change my answer.

You can get a taxi if you want but you’re going to have to Gangnam into the back of it.

i can handle that

Taxi driver’s probably going to ask you about it.

“aye mate my work said i could go home as long as i dance like a dick for 30s. no brainer, eh”