You can go home from work now IF (final edition)


you like, I’m not the boss of you.

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I can’t go home because I’m on the phones at 1pm unfortunately.


I’m working from home. What can I do?


You may have one (1) biscuit. Nothing too fancy.


Well not with that attitude.


ooh got some spenos cranberry and orange cookies, that alright?




I’d love to know what @Aggpass would class as a fancy biscuit.


i’m off sick


Go to work.


I also have some Aldi ginger nuts, I can eat them if you’d prefer


I am at home

But I am doing an assignment - can I stop?


I have caramel wafers and Whacko bars if that helps


They seem more appropriate.


That is no help to me at all, I’m afraid.

(Wtf is a Whacko bar? Is this drugs lingo?)


Still a little fancy by my standards. I was thinking more the less fancy end of the McVities family selection box.


OK (gunna eat the fancy biscuits instead you dickheads!!!)


Aldi ginger nut is defo less fancy than a McV selection box (all varieties)


Guys i think Epimer finally broke.


beep boop