You can go home from work now IF (fuck off edition)

You tell one person in your workplace to fuck off. You’ll need to live with the consequences of this, but are of course allowed to be strategic by choosing someone who would take it well.

  • “Fuck off!”
  • Fuck off

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That would be a piece of piss here.


We’re not all fortunate enough to have such a freely abusive working environment.

I already did this about two hours ago. The colleague who talks too much and too loudly was doing it too close to me. He thought I was (half) joking.

Yep, I know the exact colleague too.

Literally told someone to fuck off within the last hour while playing table football.

Enjoy the rest of your afternoons!

Because they’d be too meek to follow it up with HR?


I said at work, mate, not the sixth form common room.

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There’s a few I could do it jokingly with but I’d be tempted to just pick a floor where I don’t know anyone, single someone out and tell them to fuck off. Reckon that would be quite cathartic.

What la-de-da school did you go to!?

In our common room we just had stones and rocks.


Because they’re the person Steve bullies constantly anyway.

Didn’t do sixth form/year, went to uni instead.

Got taken into the sixth year common room by someone who was still there and they were pointing out the toastie maker and ratty sofa and how cool they were. Nearly strained something by not saying “I go to the pub basically whenever I want.”

Woah, you were one of those ones who was fast tracked to uni early because you were super clever or something?

What went wrong?

i could quite happily (and without consequence) tell every person in this building to fuck off

Nah, (vastly superior) Scottish system, innit

are you a ghost now

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Nah, because he’s a twat. Reckon I could get through a dozen or so meek ones if I got an additional day off for each one. Those earth-inheriting fucks need taking down a peg or two.

Classic person

You can go home from work now IF you have to (try to) sleep tonight in whatever clothes you’re wearing now.

  • Easy
  • Fuck off

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Easy enough to try. Whether I get any sleep or not is another matter.