You can go home from work now IF (redux)

you do a really, really loud fart wherever you currently are.

  • Don’t be disgusting
  • Loofah

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It’s the day after our office Christmas party today so I’m feeling way to delicate to risk a full on fart!

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Well if you follow through you’ll surely get sent home anyway, so there’s literally no possible downside.



Farting will never be unfunny. :wind_blowing_face:


This is the afternoon of our work xmas party. I am now half cut and in a room alone. I would do anything go be able to go to the pub and keep drinking.

i’ll level with you, my bowels feel like they might leak more than just gas, were I to take up the offer.

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Same advice as to @Marwood. What have you got to lose?

I’m WFH today so it’s not really applicable. But assuming I was in my office with my colleagues: there’s only three of us and there’s no way I could dodge the blame. I would be going home in half an hour anyway. Definitely not worth it.

some rather wet brown stuff, if you must know.



I read this thread while listening to Fester by Dutch Uncles. Seems strangely appropriate.