You can go home from work now IF (topical edition)

you vote Tory on June 8th.

  • Sure, nobody would ever know
  • Oh god, I just did a sick in my mouth
  • Haha joke’s on you, I’ll be voting Tory anyway because I’m a total prick

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Leaving in 40 minutes and doing fuck all until then. No deal.

Safe labour seat, tories in 4th, fuck it


You need to up the stakes on these, i.e. “you can have a week off if…”

Well we’ve found your price then.


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i’m already at home

I’ve gone Tory so…

14,000 Tory majority, would make no real difference to the vote BUT ugh Tory. I reckon I have a price on this but not sure what that price is. Definitely not 2 hours’ flexi-leave.

Actually I’m going to go no. I don’t want to break my NEVER TORY streak.

Too late, it’s locked in. Your “I’m devoid of compassion” badge is in the post.

It’s a fair cop.

Did I ever tell the story of my mate’s dad? Seems appropriate here. He was a committed, Welsh, Labour man, very smart, well read, enjoyed a political argument, hated Thatcher with a burning passion, you know the type. He passed away last year, and in the notice in the paper, it said that he’d requested people wear blue to the funeral. My parents went along, and during a eulogy from a friend, he said: “You might have wondered why you were asked to wear blue today. You know he was a Labour man, but on his death bed, he told me he wanted to convert to being a Tory, so you’re wearing blue to mark that. When I asked him why he wanted to be a Tory, he said: ‘Because no one’s upset about a dead Tory’.”

Top posthumous bants.


:smiley: lovely stuff.

in glasgow so would make fuck all difference

still, though