You can go home from work now if (topical edition)


You have to wear a MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN hat all day tomorrow.

  • Y
  • N,YABU

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What if instead it’s a jumper with a little embroidered MAGA where the polo horse would normally go?

  • Y
  • N

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thought this said “tropical edition” and was looking forward to some pineapple and mango flavoured shenanigans


You fit an entire pineapple up your arse

  • Don’t even think that’s physically possible
  • The totally tropical taste

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You can go home from work now if the next pizza you eat has pineapple on it.

  • Yesnapple
  • Noapple

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Same question, but mango.

  • Yes, mango
  • MaNO

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Pineapple egg and chocolate pizza #squadgoals


The only soft drink you can have for the rest of the month is Lilt, or the Levi Roots rip-off Lilt

  • Yes
  • Shut up

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You can go home from work now if you audibly fart on the way out. Somewhere where people will hear it.

  • What’s the downside
  • No

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I’m not at work today, hope it’s ok I still voted on them all


You can have tomorrow off of work but at some point during the day you must watch The Last Jedi

  • I suppose so
  • No, no, no, no, no

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Got my Ultra HD Blu-ray that doesn’t work on my player ready to go!


You can go home from work now if you do not say a single word to anyone until you come back into work on Monday. Text-based communication is fine.

  • No

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what’s the d-


points to cr no

  • Have the day off tomorrow but you aren’t allowed any coffee
  • Go to work and have as much as you like

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You can go home from work now if you kiss a Dragon’s Den dragon of your choosing fully on the mouth (no tongues) on the way out.

  • Ahm in
  • Ahm oot

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Debs Meaden, with her permission, obvs.


am no fussy


I reckon Bannatyne smells like slightly too much aftershave.