You can go home from work now IF (topical edition)


The rest of the World Cup gets immediately cancelled.

  • Yes
  • No
  • *men’s World Cup

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Yes, a million times yes


Sorry, I really need a day off.

Besides, you can just watch it next year. No biggie.


I voted yes and I’m already at home


How long for? If it is two years then I’m in. If it is the day or week then no thanks. But very kind of you to offer.



It’s only 09:48, I just got in


You can go home now BUT they will renew Netrunner’s licence:

  • I’m sticking around, fuck you epimer
  • I’m some sort of pathetic epimer apologist

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Exactly. Maximum day off time for literally no downside.


will everyone know it was me who cancelled it


Yes. The benefits just keep stacking up.


honestly think you would get murdered


100% down for that.

Cya :wave:


Maybe time it until it looks like England might win a game in the knockout rounds. They’d replace the Donald Dewar statue with one of you for that.