You can go home from work now IF


You milk a cow in the middle of the office, with your bare hands, then aren’t allowed to wash your hands until you get home.

  • Sure
  • No thanks
  • mate

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it’s quarter to four and i quite like my job anyway


Can you wave them about a bit?


You can wipe them on your clatty jeans for all I care.


Done, done and done.


What if the cow had a bit of a cough?


Thinly veiled “can tell the time” post


would make for an interesting commoote


i’d be willing to give it a go whether i got to go home or not



Teaching after work anyway, so no need. Would make for awful lessons too.


Give a big PAT!!!


Reckon he’d be well up for this.


How about now?

  • Yes
  • No
  • mate.

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