You can go home from work now IF

You walk into your boss’s/line manager’s/whoever is in charge of your’s office right now and do the “I’m a little teapot” song, replete with the correct moves.

No explanation beforehand and eye contact must be maintained throughout.

  • Alright
  • Nah
  • Way ahead of you

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I am at home

I didn’t ask for your life story ffs, just vote in the poll.

@urbanfox @hanshotfirst

What if you had to do it in Marilyn Monroe’s/Waylon Smithers’ “Happy birthday…” voice?

This doesn’t really change anything tbh tbf

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Yeah, whatever.

My boss works in Hatfield, but it would probably go down quite well with the ‘boss’ of this office. Probably wouldn’t be the weirdest thing she hears today, with the amount of shite that comes out of the mouth of her deputy and others on her team.

I think I’d get promoted if I did this. Would it count as “showing initiative”?

*IF you are an adult with an adult boss both of you being employed by an organisation with adults running it therefore you are trusted to get the job done on your own schedule.

Margaret is out all week in Perth so I could easily teapot all round her office.

I finish in an hour though so probably won’t bother.

Good old Maggy getting a bit of sun

I’m the most senior person in the office.


I’m not even on Workbook.

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