You can go home from work now IF


You attempt to do a forward roll in front of your boss. It doesn’t have to be successful, but you have to give it a good try.

  • Easy
  • Fuck right off
  • Albuquerque

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Mute functions

Might try anyway


I just tried to lie down in my chair (so, like make the back go as horizontal as possible, was probably about 30 degrees away from doing it) in front of my boss and she laughed so I think I’d be fine tbh


I think you people voting “Easy” are vastly overestimating how straightforward this would be. I tried to do a forward roll in the comfort of my own living room a few years ago and I’ve completely lost the knack.




Hope you remembered pants today.




Don’t even have a boss at the moment really


Yeah I know but failure’s going to lose you so much office cred. You think they’re going to promote someone into middle management who demonstrably cannot do a forward roll? Get real, Nikola.


My boss isn’t here today


Hopefully not; that’s my idea of HELL.


I’m such a bloody clown they’d definitely think I was doing some ceeeeeerazy morale boost thing :frowning2:


Thank christ, yes.


If you cant prove you can move forward successfully in a simple role like manoeuvre how could you possibly be expected to take the company forward? You have your head in the clouds!






There’s a poll, ERIC.


I started this job a few weeks ago, so no. Old Gill really needs this job!


In view of your extenuating circumstances, you’ll be allowed an attempt at a cartwheel because it’s more dignified.


I think I could do one quite comfortably