You can go home from work now IF

You share your teenage MySpace/Bebo/etc page with all of your colleagues and it goes up on the work intranet for everybody to look at it for the rest of the time you work there. We’ll assume that it’s perfectly preserved somewhere right now.

  • Sure, I have no shame
  • No, I have the appropriate amount of shame

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not on myspace and I think I tried to find my half-assed bebo and couldn’t a while ago

looks like i’m stuck in work

Let’s assume your half-assed Bebo is available for this.

it’s long enough ago that i can no longer remember how embarrassing it would be so i’ll take the afternoon off


Social media did not exist when I was a teenager,

Do I get to go home still?

I’m too old for this to apply to me.


pretty sure my myspace had nothing of note on there tbh

didn’t have any other things like that


so this is just a hypothetical question, it’s not actually going to happen?

Oh god, it was all Smiths lyrics used as “About Me” headlines. #cringe

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Depends how much time I have this afternoon to look them all up.

already looking forward to the (non-penoid) board games and countdown

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