You can go home from work now IF


You get to the building exit by doing front rolls only. Except for stairs and escalators.

  • Easy peasy
  • No way José
  • Do some work ffs

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I’m the only person on my floor today, so as long as I can use the lift. Yes.


You can use the lift but have to continuously do forward rolls while inside it.


Just had a big coffee and don’t really want it sloshing all around inside me ( :smirk: ) can we wait half an hour?



secondary question: how many rolls do you think it would take you to get out of your building? i reckon about 6 for me.


Nope, it’s now or never.


Then you have sentenced me to death


About 35 I reckon, and the stairs would really hurt.


stairs are exempt, check the op!


Yeah just saw this. Still, I reckon if I’ve already done 20 forward rolls across a hard floor I’ll still resent the stairs when they arrive.


How do I open the doors?


Brute force.


This is where I’m gonna have trouble, the ID badge operated fire doors and turnstiles will be tough and no idea how I’ll get enough momentum to work the revolving door to exit the building.


Don’t bring us problems, bring us solutions.


If I do a roll just right to smash the fire alarm and set it off then the turnstiles and doors will unlock, so just the spinny door left to deal with. Worried about getting trapped upside down tbh


this is how I leave the building normally anyway


not in this dress, I don’t.


Could definitely do forward rolls down a stairs.


8 or 9 I reckon.

Would be difficult and painful as I’m carrying several injuries this morning, but utlimately worth it.


what happened? D:

(sorry if you’ve already said elsewhere)