You can go home from work now if

You stand up in the middle of the office and sing two verses of God Save The Queen, with your hand on your heart. Doesn’t matter if you don’t know the words, you have to muddle through anyway.

  • I would relish the chance to show my love for Liz
  • Nope
  • Ham sandwich

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Every have to sing God Save The Queen in public?

I have, once. It was at a Masonic lunch.

Remember having to do it in the Cubs once.

abandon reply


Is it one of those songs which gets really racist by verse 2?

Not sure which verse has the bit about the Scots that I should kick off about.

i’m already at home

TBH I’d rather leave home and go to work now. I’ve eaten all the crisps here.

I’ve never sung gstq ever & actually don’t think I’ve even heard it sung live anywhere. is that unusual?

This is what you have to do if you work at radio 4

Yes and no, respectively.