You can go home from work now IF

You confess your biggest fuck-up to your boss that they never found out about. Preferably work-related.

  • Sure, I am a model employee
  • Oh god

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Depends. Has the fall out been dealt with, or are you opening a can of worms?

again, i can go home whenever i want*

*I am at home


What did you do?!

Boss already knows. Partly mine, my colleagues and the bosses fault. Has resulted in a massive, painful audit. Will keep my mouth shut in future.

My biggest fcuk up was about 20 years ago, in a different job, so confessing it to my current boss would probably have no impact whatsoever.

Alright, see you tomorrow!

But, I was working at an insurance company at the time, and filled in a spreadsheet to instruct a payment for millions of pounds. It turns out that someone had been playing around with the spreadsheet, and the details on the instruction didn’t look up being the correct details of where the money was supposed to be sent. Millions went to the wrong place, lots of grovelling phone calls had to be made, but I think everything was alright in the end. I didn’t get sacked, which was the main thing.

Can’t think of any massive fuck ups at work.

I chucked away a piece of paper one of our members had used to add an “errata” to a book the other day and now he’s kicking up a fuss about it but I was very vocal about the fact it was me who chucked it.

Ive only ever done one ‘fuck up’ at work. the bosses know about it but nobody ever told me off for it or even spoke to me about it. even though it caused headaches for loads of people and made a customer pretty much cry and besmirched the businesses reputation :man_shrugging::man_shrugging:

I’ve never really fucked up too badly at work. Nothing I wouldn’t be willing to disclose. Actually usually when I fuck up I tell my superiors straight away so that others don’t do it for me, which is always a worse look.

messed up something last year so the sales team all thought they were getting more bonuses than they got :grimacing:
wasn’t fully my fault as it was more due to my lack of finance knowledge rather than a calculation error, still felt pretty bad though
told my boss and he was nice about it

I worked for a ceramics gallery. £10,000s of pounds worth of work in the gallery. So obviously I locked myself out when grabbing lunch and alone at the gallery. Had to walk to my bosses house to pick up his keys… he took it well thankfully.

Thought this post was going to end a lot differently


You want to learn the first rule? You’d know if you ever spent a day in your life: you never open your mouth until you know what the shot is.

is the twist that i get to go home because i’ll get the sack


Audibly swore on the phone recently when I calculated how much motor tax they’d have to pay on their 4x4. Customer heard me and everything. Told my manager and she laughed it off.