You can go home from work now IF



You shout “SU’S ANAL BUM PARTY” at a reasonable volume. You will need to deal with the consequences tomorrow.

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  • SuNo

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Then you have to go into work unless you shout it.


I have shouted it! Made the dog bark from downstairs, so I think he approves :dog2:


Oh, I thought about you yesterday @epimer. :heart_eyes:


This thread was prompted by my going to the shop last night and hearing two of the lads who work there chatting in Bengali, and one of them excitedly said “Susan Boyle!” and the other one laughed.

I’d love to know the context there.


Bad stomach?


I was in Forbidden Planet looking at games (and also needed a poo) (and was looking gorgeous)


=IF(SUSANALBUMPARTY>“10db”,“go home”,“finish your day”)


I’m already at home



I might go home after lunch anyway. Sick of this shit. Might hand in my notice even earlier than planned.


No-one here would bat an eyelid. Everyone’s lost all emotion.

edit – Additional trivia: I would love to go home.


I’m at the airport. I think it would confuse the woman napping on the sofa opposite me.




Doesn’t seem to be. Last time I was sat here I was next to the hairy bikers though


Can I shout it at @gonad?

:right_anger_bubble: SU’S ANAL BUM PARTY!