You can go home from work now IF

It’s guaranteed that you’re going to step in dog shit on the way home. No way around it, it’s going to happen - unless you stay in work until the end of your normal working hours.

  • Sure
  • Nope, not worth it
  • Sorry, what’s the downside supposed to be?

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Good edit

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The shoes I’m wearing would weather it well, reckon a quick wipe on the grass would be all it needed.

You’ve got shit on your shoes you shitty shoed bastard


Not today, friend

WFH so it would mean the dog has escaped from his run and is in the garden between garage and house. And he’s probably eaten the rabbit that is trying to escape. Not sure it’s worth it tbh.

Anyone in your house not have a run?

Nope. Everyzing has zere own run.

Same question, but now it’s human shit. Don’t ask how you know, it just is.

  • Yes
  • No

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dog shit is probably worse for you than human shit

and we’ve all had lots of little tiny poo particles up our noses from other humans anyway

It’s going on your shoes not your dinner


wipe it off on some grass that’s near but not too near your house.

Then put on some marigolds and then wipe the rest off with some tissue paper.

Spray it down with a hose.

That’s not going to take you more than 20 minutes. The average diser has probably just paid themselves £30 to do that!

Would probably accept just throwing my shoes away and having to buy some new ones to go home now tbh