You can go home from work now IF

You stub your pinky toe really hard when you get in. There won’t be any lasting damage, but you’ll definitely think “oh my god I have definitely broken my toe this time” for about three seconds afterwards.

  • Yes
  • Pinky NO

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I think this would be very hard to do without injuring other toes/ hurting yourself more than you meant to

You take your chances with this one.

You have to wear a Help is for Heroes hoodie all of next saturday

  • Oui
  • Non

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I really liked that first album

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We did this one last week. Keep up.

I voted no because I’ve never broken a bone in my body in all my life. I don’t think it’s worth starting now.

Broken toe is fine, especially when they never properly heal

Oh fuck! I was at a wedding/playing Dead Cells.

Sounds like you were the life and soul of that reception.

Biggest issue was when I turned up the venue and stabbed the concierge.

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was holding out hopes for some interactive fiction in this thread

got a couple of hours flexi i might take today anyway

I’m not really a fan of interaction in general.

Watch out for furniture edges if you do.

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To the NORTH there is interaction, I assume you will head SOUTH towards the market, or EAST towards the river. To the WEST is a bridge, but it is blocked by an ogre.

I think I can handle a day in the office more than I can handle excruciating physical pain.

>kill @anon29812515

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i stubbed my toe so hard yesterday that i almost winded myself

so no thank you

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