You can go home from work now IF

You’ll have the verse from My Sharona stuck in your head for the rest of the day, but it’ll never actually resolve into the “My Sharona” bit.

  • dundundada dun-da dun-da dundundun sure
  • My shaNOna

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that’s the best bit!


Not only is this not applicable as I’ve got the day off, I have now actually got that stuck in my head. I hate you.

I pulled a sicky today m-m-m MY MY MY MY MY, HEY!

Alright, then for you it’s an endless loop of "MY, "

Now I have the worst of both worlds.

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Would definitely do it:

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you fool, endless repetitive riffs are my bread and butter. sign me up!

what’s the downside


Alright Dylan Carlson.

Now pick up the pace ffs, I haven’t got all day.

Don’t know it, so not sure how to answer this one.

You can go home from work if you share your most embarrassing personal secret with the office gossip on the way out. They’re out tonight for some casual drinks with all your colleagues.

  • Spill my guts and get my coat (yes)
  • I have done terrible things (no)

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