You can go home from work now IF

In exchange, if you are still with the same employer in a year’s time, you will need to go away on a team building weekend. The team building will, of course, be preceded by an icebreaker where you have to tell the group something interesting about yourself.

  • Yes, that’s future me’s problem
  • Absolutely not

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There will be two (2) free drinks supplied at the provincial town O’Neill’s on the Saturday night, if that sweetens the deal at all.


(house wines only)


There’s a special treat lined up for Saturday afternoon, by the way. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but you won’t want to ESCAPE from the ROOM after learning what it is!

Sorry, the Stella’s off. Is Doom Bar ok?

not a bloomin’ chance

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Ok, on the assumption that the country isn’t a Mad Max-style wasteland by then.

better get going.

But your (twin) room mate has got the key.

are you trying to rope me into one of your sick rpg games here, eps?

Surprising number of people pretending they don’t loathe their colleagues ITT.

rolls d20


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Just really like lukewarm doombar tbh

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The thinking man’s Fosters, isn’t it.

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Oh I do! I’m just a short term thinker. Future me will find a way out of it.

I have very little faith in future me. The lazy prick.

Either way, if I’m still there something has gone wrong!

Icebreaker, no problem.

If an escape room was involved I would quit instantly.

Hard to see how you’d get out of that one!!!