You can go home from work now IF

You attempt to high five everyone you have to walk past until you have left the building. If they’re not paying attention to you, you need to get their attention first to offer the high five.

  • YES! High five!

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dear fucking god this is the easiest one yet

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High five!


you really underestimate the average level of social awkwardness on DiS


I’m already at home

Self five!

reckon i can get out without passing anyone


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Does your answer change if you can’t use your antibacterial hand gel afterwards?

  • Eww yes
  • No

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Quite enjoying imagining this one happening in a real world context. Some big board meeting where they’re discussing the fine detail of this plan and the long-term benefits it will bring the company.

then what’s the point of being at home??

Actually, what does walking past someone mean? Like would I have to go into offices I pass on the way?


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No chance then.

High five!

Do I have to moonwalk as well?

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Only if you’re confident that you’re going to have a threesome in the next 45 minutes.

I’ve had a lifetime without anything more than a twosome so I think I’ll be okay.

You smack a bug, that sucker dies

Imagine its the same for germs

Dropped a coaster on a fly this morning. It was pretty satisfying.