You can go home from work now IF

You attend a showing of this one night this week:

  • Sure
  • No m8
  • depends

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If you factor in travel time, I’d be about four and a half hours worse-off.

Give me the week off and you’ve got yourself a deal.

How about if I chuck in £100?

£100 plus travel and meal expenses* and you’ve got yourself a deal.

* just enough for a pizza or something. I’m not a monster.

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Jonny Woo is a well established and highly regarded performer. Richard Thomas (composer of Jerry Springer the Opera) is involved in this as well. There’s a very good chance this show is pretty great.

Weird that some leave voters still think remainers are all out of touch metropolitan liberals innit

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The show was originally written for and performed at the Edinburgh Fringe.

doesnt stop it from looking shit as fuck


It got almost unanimously positive reviews for its Edinburgh run, and sold out every night.


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I’m really tired and would like to go to bed, so my threshold for what I’d tolerate to go home right now is much higher than usual.

A boy named woo

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I hope that despite not liking this show, you enjoyed your time at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe. You can’t win them all.

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ha. i havent seen it, like, just speculating wildly