You can go home from work now IF

You end every conversation you have for the rest of the month with a cheeky wink (clicking sound mandatory) and a thumbs up.

  • Sure, you you on Monday! :kissing_heart: :+1:
  • :no_mouth:

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See you Monday :wink:

Would be a bit weird if I did it twice though.

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Okay, but I hope (even more than normal) that I won’t be attending any funerals in that time.

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you you

Do it once with each eye
(dont do a blink though - that would be very odd)
Should be fine

off until Monday anyway

:+1: Eyyyy :+1:

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I do this anyway

jumping frog

There are no managers at work today on our floor. I have no jobs on my workflow. I’m in my redundancy period and finish for good on 31 January.

Shall I just go now?

  • Piss off now
  • Be a twat and stay

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Have a good one, chief! :kissing_heart::+1:

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I’m outta here!

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What, no cheeky wink? DENIED


i’m sorry for your loss :wink:

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