You can go home from work now IF

You can’t eat sausage rolls for the rest of your life. Including GVSRs.

  • No sausage rolls
  • NO! Sausage rolls!

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pretty overrated foodstuff imho


presume I can still have sausage sandwiches; hot dogs and toad in the hole, yes?

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Bet if Ottolenghi had a sausage roll recipe you’d wank yourself silly over it before dunking it in those seven hour baked beans.


I’m not the boss of you.

ooo, I haven’t done these for AGES


(is this still used)

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remember that xylopwn guy? Whatever happened to HIM?

Should get started tonight, and they’ll just about be ready for your post-SPRENINO cooked breakfast.

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BTW epimer, I thought I had defeated it but I’m currently living the liquid poo life.


Oh dear. Same cause or something new and exciting?

undercooked beans

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Still the bug. Liquidised then raced it home earlier. Successfully.

Photo finish?

No sorry but I could draw it for you

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That’s ok, save your energy.

i’m not that fussed about sausage rolls but this seems an awful big ask for 3 hours of my time


if you love work so much why don’t you carry on working all afternoon