You can go home from work now IF

You lose the ability to make a decent cup of tea. This does not affect cups of tea that other people make for you, obviously.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not even on teabook

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What, forever? Sounds like a really shit deal.


Maybe you have people who do that kind of thing for you. Maybe you prefer coffee anyway. Maybe you’re already terrible at it.

Maybe you’re japes.

don’t drink tea, fuck it

Careful, that can be quite hot


it’s putting a bag in hot water anyway, there is no skill

how can you make a bad cup of tea? unless you mix up sugar and salt or something it’s all the same

I’m a big fan of the National Association of Tea Lovers’ latest marketing slogan, tbh.

People manage it

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Oh japes

Could quite happily say the same about coffee. Putting some boiling water over ground beans. Easy.

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Not brew it for long enough, or too long.

Don’t use boiling water, or put the milk in first so you’re cooling the water already.

Probably more things.

there’s so many more variables in coffee than in tea

And syllables.

Nope. It’s the same thing.

Only ever drink tea when the GF makes it, so I’m off home.

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i take this deal. i would switch to ribena. profit.

I’ve not had my 1pm cuppa :sob:

^has never ordered a cup of tea in continental Europe, obviously.


Or america -_-


or attempted to make tea out of the “hot water” tap in my office (laughably far away from 100 degrees celcius and has a weird white foamy scum on top)- I’m enduring a cup of it now