You can go home from work now IF...

The most embarrassing medical thing that’s ever happened to you recurs and you have to explain exactly what’s happened to your boss.

The condition will magically resolve itself on its own once you get home.

  • Yes
  • No

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Mine was Orgasmic Cephalgia and I’m my own boss. If I had a different boss, it might be difficult to explain why I know it’s recurring during work time…

Old Blue Last etc

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I’m not at work today, suck it losers

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Then you’re going into work unless you have an awkward chat with your boss.

I’d tell Tom ANYTHING

Didn’t ask

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Not on Friday Workbook.

I’d tell Sabrina ANYTHING

Alright Salem


i’m already at home

These things are never posted on days I work :pensive:

I want to go home early sometimes.