You can go home from work now IF

You kick the nearest bin as hard as you can. Two step run-up at an absolute minimum. You will of course have to explain this behaviour to anyone who witnesses it.

  • Fantastic, I’ve been looking for an excuse to kick a bin for ages anyway
  • No, I’m not sure I could explain this behaviour
  • 2/5

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It says terrible things about my workplace temperament that I don’t think anyone would be particularly surprised if I punted a bin.

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u ok hun

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Erm, since getting onto medication, yeah… Also one of the filing cabinets in our archive room has a massive dent in it that everyone blamed the builders for - it wasn’t them at all; it was me in a bit of a mood.

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Would probably just look like to were trying to break your foot to get to go home though.

Where’s your bin?

  • Next to my desk
  • Next to my colleague’s desk
  • Next to my boss’s desk
  • Somewhere in the office, away from the desks
  • Somewhere else
  • Nice joke, smartass

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Our bins are in cupboards. Can I just kick the cupboard or do I need to take the bin out and then kick it?

The latter.

Or you can go into the cupboard I suppose.

Fuck that noise, the element of premeditation would make me look like a right prong.

Enjoy your Tuesday in work.

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Ok just done it. I’ll DM you my boss’s contact details if you could just explain to him where I’ve gone.

Binkicker would be a bad nickname to carry with you.

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Could do a wee on the floor on the way out to avoid that.

We’re not allowed bins because they’d encourage us to make more of a mess, apparently… :person_facepalming::person_facepalming::person_facepalming:

We weren’t allowed buckets of sand in the labs because the firefighters said it would encourage smoking.

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