You can go home from work now IF.......

You have to be completely honest with everyone at work for the next week about everything. No white lies, nothing. No made up excuses for being late, no “sorry, I’ve got plans” to get out of office bowling, no blaming circumstances beyond your control for not having done your work.

  • Yes, this is acceptable
  • No because I’d actually be sacked within the week

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This thread was partially inspired by my boss inviting me to dinner last night and partially inspired by my cutting lunch short there for “a call” when in fact I quite needed a poo.

I’d quite enjoy this.

This is fine because I’ve cultivated such an unapproachable air over the years that nobody ever asks me anything any more.

hahaha SenorDingDong nae pals

The worst bit would probably be telling a nice person that something theyve done isnt very good, but needs must.

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I’ve got plenty of pals YOU JUST DON’T KNOW THEM

They work in the other office, right?

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alright, Jim Carrey

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Please leave my pet detective side hustle out of this, thanks.


how did you guess

I, too, have worked with a deeply boring group of professionals.

I, bowling?

Have you ever been caught out in a lie at work?

  • Yes because I am bad at lying
  • No because I am quite good at lying

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This is how I am at work anyway, but people assume I’m being dry when I say “I don’t want to socialise with you”

For the dinner invitation I was ready to give it “ah, sorry, no, would love to but it’s a fair drive back and there’s a weather warning so I really should be off. Next time though, for sure!” but the other colleague who was invited* got in first with “sorry, it’s a two and a half hour drive home now and then I’ve got to be at the airport at five tomorrow morning so I can’t really” and there’s just no following that, is there.

*colleague number three vanished the second the meeting ended to avoid this scenario. Smart man.

‘i don’t eat dinner for religious reasons’

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