You can go home from work now IF..

Your next three (3) takeaway orders are a bit wrong. Nothing disastrous, but maybe you order coconut rice and get given basmati. Maybe they forget a side in a big curry order. At worst, you order a stuffed crust pizza and it arrives as plain deep pan.

  • Yes, I’m not that precious about food ffs
  • FUCK OFF, the only thing getting me through the day is the promise of that stuffed crust tonight

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Any chance that they mess it up so I get non-vegetarian food instead?

but I’ve not got to work yet.

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No, nothing so bad that it’s inedible for you, only annoying things.

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I’m in

Enjoy your bland, flavourless rice in Reading.

Only get a takeaway once every 6 weeks or so, so this should be a breeze.

Thanks Dr Eps.

18 weeks of potential irkage duration though. You’ll be kicking yourself if in October you’re absolutely gasping for some saag aloo and it’s not there.

I’m up for this. I like an element of surprise, and I’d like to have a nap.

im wfh anyway but it really gets on my tits when the takeaway is wrong. last time it happened i ordered a can of coke and didnt get it, but didnt realise til the guy had driven away. i rang the takeaway to tell them and they were like oh hes too far away now he cant come back. so i was like ok? i paid for it tho, you going to bring it or what? and the guy was like no he wont bring it. and i was like well can i have a refund? and he went no but we’ll give you a free can next time. and i was like oh aye will you, going to make a note on my account in your extensive records of every customer are you gtfo


Et tu, @ericVI? No egg on your next pizza! No guac in your next two burritos!

I’m only doing a half day today - can I bank a day off for later? Most takeaways round our way cock something up regardless and I’d like an extra holiday day.


I feel like you people are taking the piss with my good nature recently. Back to the coal face with you.


I have begrudgingly changed my vote accordingly.

i’ll live

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Just for context on my vote, I would literally eat goat shit if it meant I could go home now.

Fine, if you can call that living.

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The fuck kind of takeaways are you ordering from


Goat Shit Hut

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So it’s not just a clever name.