You can go home from work now IF... 🤼

When you come back into work, your best work pal/favourite work person will be gone forever. Not, like, dead or anything, but you’re never going to see them again.

  • Fuck 'em
  • No, that would be unacceptable

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Not close to anyone at work, take whoever you want


Jokes on you, I’ve only been in the job three weeks and haven’t made any friends yet

My boss is the one I like the most - if he goes they might get someone in who won’t put up with my bullshit. Too risky.


It’s such a DiS thing not to socially interact with work colleagues


Fuck 'em.

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Nah, I like the people I work with. One of them is off sick today and I have no-one to talk utter shite about true crime longreads with.

Nah, my current team are nice. I can think of two former jobs where I’d happily fuck them all off for a half day though.

Goodbye Hayley :wave:

Haha I’m not even working today I’m at the library. I can go home whenever I want.

No early finish, just taking them would be enough.

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James Blunt’s lover’s name was Hayley

Quite enjoying work today tbh

I have the ability to make friends with people outside work :wink:

I’m nice as pie but anything more than surface level weather / recent purchase chat is just opening the dark inky jaws of boredom’s chasm

My favourite co-worker isn’t in this week but I have a great time hanging out with her socially and we have a riot at the pub both doing our Welsh accents (she is actually Welsh but enjoys my impression, her boyfriend says I have a better Welsh accent than she does). Big fan of the lass.

So despite my appraisal being in half an hour I don’t think I would want her to vanish forever.

To be fair, I’m equally shit at making friends inside work as I am outside of work. It’s just nice to be around people who take a mutual interest in each other’s lives.

Can you liveblog your appraisal? I have a few hours to kill.

replace your current favourite colleague with a gamble on a stranger

  • absolutely!
  • better the devil you know
  • i like my colleague too much i can’t imagine getting anyone better

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