You can go home from work now IF... ☀️

You’re not allowed to complain about the weather for the duration of the heatwave. It doesn’t matter how disgustingly sweaty your gusset gets, no moaning. Not out loud, not on here, not on MySpace, nowhere.

  • Worth it
  • Look, I’m not sure you appreciate just how disgustingly sweaty my gusset is going to get

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Can I mention the heat, as long as it’s in a netural/positive way?

I do love complaining, but I think I love going home more.


No. There’s an implication there that cannot be avoided.

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I think people are being too hasty here. Think forward to Thursday. Your work clothes are plastered to the back of your thighs with sweat. Chafing levels are off the charts. The air’s as still and silent as if Theo had just cracked a D&D joke. And you’re just going to sit there and take it?

I don’t believe you.

What if I pretend I’m talking about something else. “God I’m so hungry! Isn’t anyone else hungry?”

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Your sarcasm is deeply unwelcome at this trying time.

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“Doesn’t the unending hunger just make you sweat something rotten?”

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My shirt is soaked through I’m so famished


It’s Scotland, I’m like 10 degrees better off that the rest of you chumps as it stands.

Then again we do love a complain.

Tbf I need to practise complaining less anyway. I have a friend who complains about EVERYTHING and it’s so tedious I have to psych myself up to see her. In winter it was too cold every day, now it’s too hot. It’s never just right. Find the joy in things! It’s made me really reflect on how much negativity I want coming out of my own mouth.

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Can I sigh a lot? Maybe do the odd groan and mutter, “for fuck’s sake” under my breath? I mean you can’t prove it’s about the heat.


I’ll be able to tell.


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My air-conditioned office is actually alright at the moment. I can only think of a handful of places nearby that I’d rather be in this heat (eg Hampstead Heath ponds), and they all involve a horrible tube ride.

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My office has air con, my house doesn’t. Probably better off in the office, tbh.

Sounds like a complaint to me!

Factual statement, m7

Alright fine I’ll stay at work. But you can expect a lot of detail about my gusset when the time comes. A lot.


I’m due to be in work til 7pm, with three meetings scheduled in rooms that aren’t my lovely air-conditioned office. So this seems like a good deal to me.