You can go home from work now IF... 🍡

When you get home you need to eat a massive bowl of really hot soup within 20 minutes of getting through the front door. The soup will be waiting for you when you get there.

  • Yes and I might even poach an egg in it too
  • Absolutely not

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Yes obviously

Perhaps you’re underestimating just how hot this half litre bowl of extra thick cream of mushroom soup is

you said nothing about it being mushroom. I’ll stay at work ta.


already at home joke’s on you

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Enjoy yr soup in Reading

ummmmmm I’m not in Reading. Or is this a joke I don’t get.


What’s the downside? Cools you down, doesnt it.

The soup is also cursed


If it comes with free frogurt, i’m in

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Office is air-conditioned. I’d be heading home to a house where all the windows would be shut to keep the heat out.

Thanks, I will.

With a poached egg.
No mushrooms.

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I eat soup whatever the weather

I’d actively enjoy that, to be quite honest.

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I’ve never done a poached egg in soup, I’m curious now :thinking:

A nice minestrone would go down a treat rn.

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  • a lovely, lovely thing
  • hmm depends
  • noooo

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