You can go home from work now IF... 📀

When you get home, all of your CDs, tapes, vinyl, DVDs, Blu-ray, Laserdiscs (this one’s for Theo), computer games, etc etc - all your physical media that isn’t books basically - are in the wrong case. Everything’s still in the right format case though, so at least you don’t need to go looking for NOW 34 in your Blu-rays.

  • Yes, love a good pointless organisation anyway
  • No, cba

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Nice free win for my mostly-not-on-physical-mediabook brothers and sisters.

Easy win here. Does it apply to the vast amount of CDs I have in my parents house? Or just in my current residence

all your mp3 filenames have been changed

All of them.

That’s fine, Google Play Music sorts them out anyway.

putting CDs in the right cases is quite relaxing monotony. like counting coins or something.


Hmm ok, I could probably do with alphabetising everything again

Picked Now 34 at random but actually quite a few bangers on this, plus Wonderwall.

Aw fuck off mate. I’d have to go home to do it. if I even thought one was out of place now I’d go home on break and come back to work.

would take me roughly 5 minutes to sort, deal

I’ve got about 200 video games, fuck that

Brilliant. I’ll meet you in the pub to make fun of all the vinyl wankers having their High Fidelity moments.

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Perfect - not working, relaxing, being reminded of old fav albums I forgot about. Into all that.

Need a reorganise tbh. (What’s the downside etc)

You’re not one of those people who keeps stuff in the wrong cases anyway, are you

Althought the x files bluray set would take an hour on its own

  • I keep all my records and stuff in the right place at all times
  • Life is too short, a rough guesstimation will do

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No but SOMEBODY that lives with me will haphazardly put them away in wrong cases, leave discs facing down on the side, etc.



partly cause i’m not at work today anyways