You can go home from work now IF... 🐦

Before Googling I’m going to guess… footballer

Damn I’m good

a bird pooed in his mouth whilst he was having a run (in football, yes)

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It’s meant to be lucky, isnt it?

Was in victoria coach station once, got a coffee from nero or wherever and was sbout three steps from getting on the coach when a bird shat right onto the lid of my coffee. Had to just leave it there. Gutted.

They say that’s good luck

Just nip outside 5 times quick, and have a shower. not even got a t shirt on, yet. could quite happily switch off for the day.

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Would’ve been good if you’d had time to take it back into Café Nero or wherever and said “'scuse me there’s something wrong with this coffee you made” to see if they’d replace it.

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Haha, birds!

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Shameless flirt

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Easy, I’ll just take an umbrella with me until my 3 are done