You can go home from work now IF... 💦

You beat your boss at a wrestling match in a paddling pool filled with jelly (lime) and baked beans (cold) in front of the whole office. Attire will be those things they wear in Gladiators (not the Russell Crowe one). If HR ask, say it’s for charity and get a fiver out of them for your troubles.

  • This is some weird sploshing thing for you isn’t it, you big weirdo (no)

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Normally I’d say no to any of these that involve public spectacle, but in this instance I’ve got a height advantage, a weight advantage, and would really rather be at home playing Fire Emblem.

I mean, I’d be up for it, but I reckon I’d lose. My boss is short but he looks like he’d be handy. Low centre of gravity. He’d probably destroy me.

My boss is American so I guess there’s the off-chance that he did wrestling in college, but on the other hand I don’t like him very much so I’ve got that to fuel me. Feeling pretty confident actually.

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Fuck him up m8 !


my boss is a 6’4 ex rugby player

really don’t fancy my chances

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His overconfidence is his weakness. You got this.

No thanks, the whole thing is weird and he would crush me anyway

if it was either jelly or beans it would be a lot more enticing

mixing the two together is rank

jelly beans are delicious, idiot

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Eye on the prize, japes. Eye on the prize.

No surprises that @anon32406580 is up for a scrap.

I had to do something like this the Christmas before last.

We had our office Christmas party in the office, we’d just moved into the building so a whole floor was basically empty, we set up a stage and various people formed bands and played songs, then someone DJed, lots of booze, etc. A small section of the night was given over to a quiz, which my team won (naturally). My prize? I was lead to another floor where there were two sumo suits and crash mats on the floor, and told I had to wrestle the CEO. It was like something out an anxiety dream. The CEO is quite a macho dude who claims to value outspokeness, so I had to put up a fight, but he’s also a screaming toddler so I didn’t actually want to beat him. It was hell. We tied the first two rounds, then after a protracted shoving session in the third, I did a slick side spin and left him to crash to the floor. I don’t think think we’ve spoken since.


Don’t even need an excuse m9.



My three least favourite things in the world are grime or grot or dirt on my skin, violence, and being the focus of attention, this is a nightmarish meeting of the three. I might have a nightmare about this tonight.

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would obliterate the old cunt


I also don’t have a boss so I’d be basically wrestling with myself in a slime pool. hmmmm.

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Everybody wins!


Look at all those cowards voting no.