You can go home from work now IF... 🦀

You have a couple of pub crabs, @ChorizoPasta style, for lunch. HOWEVER, if you vote no, you’re getting no lunch or even lunch break today.

  • Crab me up
  • No, I’ll have to live with being crabbit all day

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I’m already at home from work doe so whatever]
Hate Crab

Never eating shellfish ever again… ever

Is that because you’re already very - wait for it - self-centred?

*mutes thread*


What if it was today AND tomorrow off (pub crabs tomorrow are optional)

  • FINE
  • Look I’m not eating crabs from a pub, that’s insane

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Only had crab once and it was delicious. well up for crab in a pub

Love crab, fucking hate my job. Easy.

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I have a shellfish allergy.

You can’t make me not eat a lunch.

This is facism Eps!

Big crab fan here. I’d eat most crustaceans tbh

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I have a shellfish allergy.

This sounds like a set-up for a punchline.

Mama Rarity’s stomach can’t skip a meal. Pub crab it is.

Pretty shellfish behaviour from eps to be honest


I’m probably just being a bit of a crabbit bastard

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Ha! I already had lunch and only just saw this thread.

Beat. The. System.

That joke was really langoustine at the bottom of the barrel.

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can it be any crabs from any pub or does it specifically have to be dodgy ones that will 100% give me food poisoning?

not necessarily a deal breaker, just want to know what I’m in for

It’s the specific profk brand ones.

hmm… sweaty pub crab

dunno, like

would’ve thought you had a stomach strong enough for dodgy crab