You can go home from work now IF... 🐶🐱

Cats and dogs aren’t your pal until this time next week. A full week of them utterly ignoring you. Nothing is going to sway them for this whole week.

  • Woof (yes)
  • Miaow (no)

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Doubt I’ll see any cats or dogs in the next week for it to be an issue.

And I’m already at home :woman_shrugging:

So no change in her behaviour then


Mr Socks ignores me 95% of the time anyhow and I am absolutely exhausted.

Easy win for colossalhorse this.

i don’t have a cat or dog, and although there are many neighbourhood cats who like to hang around in my garden (and one possibly left a dead rat there the other day so thanks for that) they pretty much ignore me anyway - where do i sign up to get this day off?

Don’t currently have any dogs or cats in my life so sure, I’m off home. Thanks epimier

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Can’t believe animals hate all of you. They’re very good judges of character, you know.

easiest no ever

Currently Nina is spending all her time underneath our bed only coming out for food, so I guess I can log out now :confused:

Cats ignore me, dogs just want to hump my leg. They are no friends of mine.

Honestly i’d be alright with that, swings both ways so they can sort out their own dinner too.

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Absolutely yes. No getting woken up at 6am for feeding time.

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There’s a cat that lives pretty much exclusively on my back garden chasing the squirrels and birds but it is mega aloof and has no interest whatsoever interacting with me. We sat having a stare off for about an hour once when I had a fire.

Good cat.

I’ve only got a hamster anyway, result!

Cheers, off home now.

I’m afraid I’ve become quite dependent on the tiny pieces of affection I get from Captain Fuzzypaws, so I’ll stick out the day at work.