You can go home from work now IF... πŸš‚πŸšŒ

You walk straight to the nearest bus/train/tram/dirigible stop, get on the first thing that arrives, take it to the end of the line, and stay there until home time.

  • Oooo, I’m going on an adventure!
  • Can’t risk it, I’m in the middle of Brexit country

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I know where I’d end up, and no thank you

Could end up having a lovely wander around Epping Forest! Get me on that bloody central line you mug

That would land me in the centre of Middlesbrough so hard no.


all busses go to town, 50% chance the train would, although if I got lucky I could end up in Newbury.

Yeah, that’ll be the centre of town. Not really a problem, but I’m not working today so…

I’ve just checked and technically the closest bus stop only does the town circular service. Think it’s still a no.

I think I’d end up in Ovens village and I’m pretty sure there’s a pub there so I’d be happy enough.

As long as its the train station and not the bus stop, you’ve got yourself a deal.

Bus to Newcastle Centre, pop to the Tyneside Cinema for the day. Sounds nice.

Fuck no if I tried that I might end up in Airdrie


This isnt really going home, is it


Wherever I lay my hat, eric.

I think I’d end in the middle of Irvine’s harbour side, or a hospital in Kilmarnock.

So that’s an impressive disparity.

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Dressed all in red with white trim today? Understandable.

What’s the upside etc

Some of these nerds really like trains for some reason.

Could be in Glasgow Central in 5 minutes, so that’s 10:46. First train after that is the 10:47 to East Kilbride. Looks like I’m visiting the ice rink.


If I get there a minute earlier I’m going to Larkhall, so I’ll take EK.

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