You can go home from work now IF... 🚀

You just leave. No excuses, no arse covering, you just leave without saying a word to anyone. You’ll probably have to explain yourself on Tuesday but that’s ages away and maybe everyone will have forgotten by then? That’s the risk you take.

  • Bye
  • Nope

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My manager would be sound with this. Not gonna do it though cos I have taken the piss enough

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There’s an unsettling realism to this hypothetical scenario.

All of my hypothetical scenarios are very realistic, thankyouverymuch.

Is it ok if I do some work once I get home?

I’m not the boss of you but it’s not really in the spirit of the thing.

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I’ll have to explain myself on monday :sob: got so much to do that i’ll just be doing myself over

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They’d probably send out a search party or something. Can’t be arsed with that.

I’ve only got myself to answer to, and I’d probably feel pretty guilty if I didn’t do and work on my thesis today. Not worth the guilt trip for now!

Am I allowed to go for sludge beers with my colleagues later though?

Ive done this a few times.

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This is my last day before a week off. I have a huge amount to do. If I stopped working now I’d have to work over the weekend/next week. So no thanks.

Everyone who would be likely to either notice or tell me off is on holiday. Would probably do it but I have stuff to do and am off next week.

It’s what I was going to do anyway come 4pm so cheerio, lasses :wave: