You can go home from work now IF... 🥰

Everyone in the office has to stand around in a circle and admit which of their colleagues they fancy the most. Everyone has to be truthful. There’s technology enforcing this.

  • Yes, since everyone obviously wants to shag me
  • No. Just… no.

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@Ruffers you’re disqualified

Everyone (1,200)?
Or just my team (20)?
Or department (140)?

Hmm. Team. But your answer has to be within your team too.

Solid no. I don’t fancy anyone in my team and I really don’t want to find out if any of them fancy me. Which I’m sure they don’t, but you know, just in case.

I’m working from home, so you’re asking me to say whether I love my partner or my child the most?

Actually, you said fancy, didn’t you. I don’t fancy my child. I’d just like to clear that up right now.

Good save


Is there any way I can just watch the others do this, but not participate?

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In a new office where I don’t really know anyone so it’d be a good ice breaker

You could become a ghost

General question for these threads - is this just the ability to go home without anyone challenging you/negatively impacting your flexi balance? Or would your “normal” day of work still get completed?

Because while I know what my answers to all your polls would be, it might be day-dependant if I have a big piece of work to finish off in which case I wouldn’t want to go home even if you paid me.

I think my personal awkwardness would be a fair sacrifice to be able to witness the fallout

Is that a threat? Jesus.

Answer the question dammit! Can’t be giving us these binding choices without context!

(Also lol as if anyone gives me real work to do)

I’d really like this

I mean tbh everyone already knows who’s shagging who, but on balance it’s probably a very bad idea. I would need the rest of the week off at least.

This isn’t a negotiation.

I don’t fancy anyone but this could be embarrassing for my fellow colleagues, although there’s only a few of us and I don’t get the impression anyone fancies anyone tbh but I’m going to go with no anyway.

Not with that attitude