You can go home from work now IF... 🍴

You can’t use any cutlery for a week.

  • No fork? Yes
  • FORK no

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Luckily I don’t eat crisps with a spoon so I’d be fine


Would do anything to go home right now and this doesn’t sound so bad.

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Does all the work I would’ve done get down for me or does it still exist?

Still exists, it’s not magic cutlery.

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Utensils are still fine though, right?

Oh so you answer L right away but left me on read for this all yesterday???

I see where the fucking loyalties lie.

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Then why are you even bothering me with this pathetic offer


“Ooh I get to go home and be stressed about my workload, while also having to take into account the inconvenient task I’ve been set”.

Absolute shambles of a game.

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Hey we can’t all spend a whole day to write one email

(I’ve already written 3! Hah)

this is the easiest one yet

Would be perfectly happy living off sandwiches and chips for a week