You can go home from work now IF... 🤠

All day tomorrow you need to end every sentence that you speak to someone with “sir” or “m’lady”.

  • As a gentleman and a scholar I’m already doing this, so yes
  • M’fuck off

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As long as im allowed to do it in my best dogtanian voice.


It’s ten past nine

Exactly. Maximum value.

Yes m’lady

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Do people still talk about jembling? There used to be a lot of chat about the jemble.

Just m’arckee i think

Haven’t even opened up my laptop yet

Lord Marckee of Jembleton, forsooth, Sir Warnigton of DiSshire.

Alright fine. I’ll have my fedora ready. I’m already looking a bit neckbeardy anyway.

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I’m off tomorrow
Still yes


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impressive how you can still post

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Never ever use dis on a laptop/computer

What’s je-

Actually, never mind