You can go home from work now IF... 👀

you want. It’s gone four, you’ll probably get away with it. Go on, live a little.



What? You mean I get to just go home and don’t even have to shove my mouse up my arse or something?

Where’s the fun in that?


should i watch the joker

really don’t want to but what else am i gonna do

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you can if you want


Joker is brilliant Mr Japes.

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Yeah I’m not going to stop him but equally I’m not going to be offering to yank on the USB cable if/when it gets stuck.

I feel I’m missing out on the two biggest pop culture phenomena of our times (Joker and Big Thief) because I simply can’t be bothered to read the threads about them.


Same but with cycling and beer

it’s wireless

I made it 30 seconds into the Big Thief album before deciding that it probably wasn’t for me.

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That’s poor mouse bum play safety ffs, pull your finger out @ma0sm

I came in late so I should stay late but …


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Ooooh, a finger AS WELL!


No, instead.

a finger of fun is just enough to get ma0sm a treat

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GF really likes them, tried listening but found them dull as dishwater. Then I saw them live and absolutely loved it. Stuck on the album the next day and they were back to being dull as dishwater.

are you sure you it was the same band

Think for albums to grab me nowadays there needs to be a really great drum sound OR some massive riff in the first minute. Any wafty acoustic shit or jazz flute and ahm oot.

What was the last drum sound and the last riff to grab you mista eps