You can go home from work now IF 🚿

You have to switch your shower/bathing time from morning to evening or vice versa, depending on what your current routine is, for an entire week.

So for example I, who (correctly) showers each morning before work, would need to (disgustingly) become an evening showerer for a week.

  • Yes this is acceptable
  • No I refuse to be a sweaty, smelly mess in the morning/give up 10 minutes time in bed because I’m a big baby

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Multiple people have told me recently they shower at night

That seems totally crazy to me. Happy to give it a go cos I’m an open minded guy, but I think its proper nuts.

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I’m a nighttime showerer and I am not ashamed


It’s one of the great DiS battlegrounds along with sitting down vs standing up bum wiping.

I don’t have a routine. Sometimes I shower in the evening, sometimes I shower in the morning. Sometimes I do both. I’m a god damn renegade.


I think they’re just unconcerned about having musty genitals, whereas for me that’s one of my constant top 3 concerns.

What are your other two please?

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I play football or run most evenings so I would not be willing to sacrifice an evening shower, thanks

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Whether or not I’m allergic to insect stings, and the % likelihood of shitting myself in the immediate future.

Thank you

gym in the mornings and i’m usually wringing with sweat so don’t think this will work


Showering at night is bonkers, when I wake up in the morning my hair is a state so I’d just have to shower again. Willing to do it for a week to go home though.


Anyone who showers at night and in the morning is responsible for the floodings that are happening atm

When I was a bike wank I was an evening showerer

Definitely a morning showerer and do not want to switch. Also, I’m not at work.

In short: shove it.

As always, thank you for your kind contribution.

Don’t think I’d fancy this in the summer. But it’s winter, I could do with a day off, and you’ve offered this early enough in the day so it’s a yes from me.

I’ve thought about it and I’m willing to change my bum wiping technique for a day off. But not my showering time.

I’m an evening showerer. Just fits my routine far better.

Who the fuck is waking up still fresh and clean from a shower the night before? Weird.

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