You can go home from work now IF... πŸ‘

At some point between wherever you are now and getting home, your trousers/skirt/tights/whatever is currently covering your bottom half are going to fall completely down around your ankles. Could be as soon as you get up to leave. Could be in the middle of the street. Could be on your doorstep. You just don’t know.

  • Worth it
  • No, I prefer a private bum

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Colleague split his trousers on arrival this morning and got told he could leave and work from home


Big entrance

I didnt look too closely



There’s currently a split right down the middle

Had a big black tie event at work the other week. We had to stay in a hotel that was miles away from the event and couldn’t be fucked with the coach over so decided to drive between.

I won a major battle to get in my suit and then we went to my car. Someone had parked about 3 inches from the driver’s door. So I had to climb across. I split my trousers. Not just split, shattered them from top to bottom.

Fortunately I had been wearing black jeans so popped them on. Kept tight at the pre drinks party. Did not get up from my table for the dinner. Got back in the car the second it finished.


don’t think i’ve ever split a pair of trousers, which kind of seems remarkable now that i think about it

Split a pair of tight trousers jumping on a bike that had a saddle a bit too high for me once. That was a cold cycle home

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Hulked out of a shirt at work once. That wasn’t ideal.

Think this was my first proper one.

Had to slink to my room with my back to the walls as my arse was hanging out.

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This is my jam

me too but i still said yes :smirk: